What We Do

The New Bedford Day Nursery Fund (NBDNF) is a non-profit organization who encourage, support and fund educational and social opportunities for young citizens in the Greater New Bedford Area. The NBDNF’s mission is to promote, encourage and maintain the highest levels of educational programs for children from all economic backgrounds regarding cultural enrichment projects which will have a positive effect on their mental and physical growth.

The Board of Managers of the New Bedford Day Nursery Fund, Inc. is proud of its achievements over the years and feels that these grants have impacted, in a positive way, organizations that have been recipients of its funding. Our members hope that its founders would be pleased with the assistance that is being rendered to the children of the Greater New Bedford area in their name, and, while the organization is different in form from the original Nursery, it remains true to the spirit and intent.

NBDNF has sponsored the following Projects for New Bedford children

  • Dream Out Loud
  • West End Nursery
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Global Learning Charter Jazz Initiative
  • Dennison Memorial Center
  • Nativity Prep
  • YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Buttonwood Park Zoological Society
  • Our Sister’s School
  • John Hannigan School
  • Kennedy-Donovan Center
  • Alma Del Mar
  • Lloyd Center for the Environment, Inc
  • Southworth Library
  • New Bedford Symphony Orchestra
  • North Star Learning
  • New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center
  • Culture*Park Theatre
  • Zeiterion Theatre, Inc.
  • Grace Episcopal After School
  • New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks
  • New Bedford Public Library
  • Community Boating Center
  • New Bedford Women’s Center
  • P.A.C.E Head Start
  • New Bedford Historical Society
  • Sea Lab
  • Burgo Basketball Association